"My utmost apologies old friends, traffic and I had a few disagreements coming into the main street but I trust you all have not started without me? Most excellent. A round of drinks on myself then? Only the best vintage whiskey from 1964, perfect date really, come don’t be shy. 

Things are well here and I am gradually becoming accustomed to sleeping in a bed once more. The battlefield does not follow me into my sleep as often as it once did although it would seem as though news has gotten out about my unintended throttling of a room mate during such an episode and henceforth I sleep on my own. It does not dissuade the friendship of a trusted few who rather remind me of you, but be assured I do not intend to forsake our yearly meetings.

Much has changed since we last saw each other. I am not where I promised you I would be, not yet but the battle is far from over. Even though the lines drawn are far different here, I shall endeavor  to fight on. Rest well and be merry by god’s side, old friends. Please wait for me however slow my steps may be—-we shall be reunited one day and I will have made you proud.”

OOC: Carefully constructing this verse’s Claudio Castagnoli/Cesaro’s background right now in which I am strongly using elements from his kayfabe past as a former Swiss Militia as a driving force of his characterization. 

For the brief record, he entered mandatory conscription at 18, serving the Swiss army during the Kosovo Peace Mission from 2000-2002 as an LMT liasoned with an American EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) team. Wrestling was something he took on during downtime with members of the EOD team, two who were aspiring wrestlers themselves until they were pushed into conscription. Having a natural talent for it, he turned to wrestling as a means of release when the EOD team was killed in action in front of him and the resultant PTSD and his refusal to go through psychiatric evaluation led to his dismissal from the militia. 
In underground rings, he developed a reputation for being stiff as hell and while performing in England, met up with Dave Taylor who became his mentor and helped him with polishing what raw skill he had. 
In 2004, he finally moved to the States after receiving invitations from ROH and CHIKARA to perform with them and he has since eased into his new life though not without a few hiccups from his old. 

Reblobs of doodles from my other Wrestling!RP blog, this time for a certain Swiss Gentleman. 
I swear there is //so much depth// they could give him if they still kept up with his kayfabed Swiss Militia (likely peacekeeping forces) background it’s ridiculous. 


Sami Zayn and Cesaro, my two favorite Omniglots chilling out with Sami’s Ipod collection.
Initially Cesaro doesn’t have a good grasp of Arabic at all and Sami assumed he’s just reading the lyrics and does not realize that it’s actually a love song.
Spoilers: Cesaro knows exactly what it means and frankly my dear, doesn’t give a damn :’3 

I ship them don’t touch meeeee. 

"We are mean to be together, even if we’re far apart from each other, 
Certainly I will come back, even if there’s a long distance between us”***

*** Written lyrics translation

((Which is uh„ considering Cesaro is on RAW and Sami on NXT for god knows how long, yeah. Ooops))

The Ascension - We Will Rise!

NXT August 28th 2014


I cant stop laughing

Pure glorious Swiss beauty!